Marlene Hauser


It was eye-opening to see how easily a young mind can be affected by even just words. How it got affected through the abuse and actions of others was harsh to see. How a mind can adapt to these abnormal new situations is wild to me. It shouldn’t be necessary for it to happen, but it does in books as it does in real life unfortunately.

I did love to see the bond the siblings had, even though that too was affected by the actions of adults. The different characters really brought life to this book and the interactions were so well done. Loved to see some good character growth too. The characters also stayed true to their personalities till the end, which was awesome. The MC was a breath of fresh air for me, as I hadn’t read any books with this kind of an MC. Big thumbs up on that.

It took me by surprise by how far some things went, but I could predict some of them. I did like the fact that the MC stayed quite naive through it all, even if it didn’t help her at all.
Worth the read for sure. A well told story of a life that started wrong, but just some vibe was missing for me. I closed this book with a smile on my face.
❔ Would you consider reading this book?
Thank you for the ARC @marlenehauser_ and @randomthingstours in an exhange of an honest review.

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