Marlene Hauser


What an emotional experience this was. Following the fortunes of the Preston family starting in the 1960’s. Children Lily, Mags and Artie have lived a nomadic life as their father Jack, who is in the military, moves his family around the world. Together with his awful mother Emma he physically and mentally abuses his wife Lauren Rose cruelly turning his children against their mother. There are some very upsetting scenes in the book which could be triggering for some so be aware.

Briefly, Lily is only young when her mother leaves. She has to fight to get an education and follow her dreams. But first she determines to find her mother. Her sister still blames their mother for leaving them and her brother is in danger of getting into serious trouble, so it’s down to Lily.

This story is brutal. Jack and Emma are two cruel and wicked characters. Their treatment of Lauren Rose and the children is beyond evil. I never had children but this really was heart rending to read, I had to remind myself this was fiction not a true story – I hated Emma with every bone in my body. Jack suffered from PTSD but this was no excuse for his behaviour, controlling in the extreme, not capable of real love, verging on narcissistic. An excellent and thought provoking read that conjured up a whole raft of emotions in me from intense hatred through to heartbreaking sorrow. Wonderful.

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