Marlene Hauser


Having recently read (and adored) Mine by this author, I was really looking forward to reading this book too. I knew that it would be another heart-wrenching story, but the writing style is just so compelling that I knew that I’d still really enjoy this one too.

This book deals with some really sensitive issues – Jack being an emotionally scarred war veteran at a time that there was little understanding or sympathy for this kind of mental health issue.

This left me a little stuck as to how I felt about him and his actions. On the one hand I hated everything he put Laurnw and the children through – but at the same time, I had this spark of sympathy for him – he had needed help to overcome his own troubles.

Either way, all the characters really jump off the page and lodge themselves in your heart aa you read through this devastating story. I love however, that this has such an overall positive feel to it. Lily’s pure determination and the help and love of Diego that allows her to break free from the family ties and gain her independence.

Another gorgeous read by this author – I wouldn’t hesitate to instantly pick up more in the future.

💕Thank you to the author, publisher and random things tours for my ARC copy – this is my honest review 💕

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