Marlene Hauser

Barbara Katz

The female protagonist in the novel Mine is smart, perceptive and goal oriented. She has a deep desire to achieve an MBA degree, succeed in business and an even stronger, deeper longing to have a child. It’s not easy for the main character. She’s an anomaly amongst her younger peers in grad school, faces unwanted advances from a businessman, lives in a long-distance marriage, and her biggest struggle is her race against her biological clock.

This absorbing narrative is woven against backdrops of the French Riviera, Estonia, and London. The story is inspiring and centers on a woman’s determination, hope, faith and an overlooked choice. This story captured my heart as it will, I believe, the hearts of many women who are facing or have faced well-established issues surrounding age, an urge for motherhood, infertility, a career, a happy marriage, and the challenge of sorting it all out to live a fulfilling life. Mine is a moving and satisfying read, sensitively told, and one that will warm your heart.

Thanks to The Book Guild and Marlene Hauser for the ARC

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