Marlene Hauser


Old bell

I will wait for you

Hi Everyone, As anyone who listens to the news almost anywhere in the world knows, H. M. Queen Elizabeth II died peacefully on the afternoon of September 8th. Earlier in the day, there had been a public announcement regarding her health, something to attract any listener’s attention as this sort of statement is not broadcast …

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True Lover's Knot

Mine, An Excerpt

Hi Everyone, My third novel Mine is hotting up, with interest growing. I thought I’d choose one of my favorite parts to share with those of you who have asked.          Sophie listened, while catching the tiniest sliver of a rainbow out past the pines and over the sea.        …

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Misty Hills

Out of the Mist

Hi Everyone, Okay, hands up, who knows the foggiest place in the world? If you guessed the steadily crashing, spraying waves at Grand Banks, Newfoundland, you’d be correct! If you guessed San Francisco (maybe the Golden Gate Bridge poking through the clouds?), you’d be on the radar, or maybe, as they say in Britain, you …

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