Marlene Hauser


down the rabbit hole

Down the Rabbit Hole

Hi Everyone, Media addiction. Okay. So I said it aloud—or at least typed it. Media addiction. Call the devil by its name?  Media. Addiction. What is it exactly?  Well, to be frank, I’m not exactly sure. However, I do have a workmate who calls it “going down the rabbit hole.” Meaning start on Instagram, roll …

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Ai-Da the Artist

Ai-Da the Artist

Hi Everyone, In the course of the past year, I have met Ai-Da. Ai-Da? Ai-Da who? Ai-Da the robot, the humanoid, a machine that creates—an artist. She (if I can actually call her that) creates (if I can call it that) has met with acclaim, curiosity and derisory commentary in equal measure. Whatever the response, …

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Excited girl jumping into a pool

The Big Pause

I’ve gone for a full-on, multi-lap, outdoors swim twice since lockdown easing, and both times it has felt brand new—as if I’d just discovered something I never knew before..

Packing the past

Packing the Past

My beautiful house, Summertown Villa, is now sold, and I am moving. As everyone who has moved knows—and who hasn’t? —this requires sorting, purging and packing

Woman wearing a mask

Eye to Eye

So the pandemic rages on, despite multiple vaccines just around the corner. Many of us are not bothered by wearing masks, washing hands…