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Cast your Bread

Hi Everyone,

Depending on where you are in the world the weather is most probably warming up or most undoubtedly cooling down! Here in Oxford, it is, thankfully, gently turning colder and more autumnal. We just had our first single digit overnight temperature with a bit of frost in the morning. What is heating up, though, is the publication of my third novel, entitled Mine. This was recently accepted for publication by The Book Guild with a release date of May 28, 2023.

I’ve shared a few excerpts from Mine in previous blogs. Specifically, those from August ’22, November ’20 and October ’20. Those may still be accessed on my website:

I thought you might enjoy an abbreviated version of the Editorial Report from The Book Guild that came along with the publisher’s expression of interest. Warning: spoiler alert!

The Book Guild Editorial Report Mine is a moving, beautifully written women’s fiction novel, covering such topics as infertility, miscarriage and adoption. The plot of the novel is wide reaching, with vivid settings and clear descriptions, and explores the lengths a woman will go to in order to be a mother.

The setting of the novel moves from Tallinn to the South of France, London, Oxford and Krakow – all of the locations are clearly evoked and there are vivid descriptions of the scenery as well as food to really create a sense of place. The novel is deeply romantic and the relationship between Sophie and Tucker very moving at times, but the focus of the novel is undeniably Sophie, who the reader really grows to care for as she moves through her journey toward motherhood. As Sophie begins to make her peace with a childless life, she meets the child – Arina – who will eventually become her daughter. The scene where Sophie meets Arina is incredibly moving, and the next few chapters are tense as Sophie waits to find out if she will be able to adopt the child she has fallen for…

Our submissions team was very pleased to receive this submission and felt that it handled sensitive themes with consideration and care. There is a clear interest in fiction with themes around motherhood, infertility and adoption and I think Mine would be a clear fit for this market.

On another note entirely, or another novel entirely, Geraniums continues to pique interest. I recently received the following online review, which I found uplifting to say the least.

Geraniums Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Full Text:

The author writes with an unselfconscious brutal honesty. This is an intense forensic exploration of a dysfunctional family. I was totally enthralled and appalled and couldn’t put the book down until I found out what happened to Lily and her siblings. I was reminded of Flowers In The Attic (the Virginia Andrews classic, not the film) but this is the truest evocation of lingering trauma I have ever read. This bildungsroman is boldly written, at times shocking, creating an emotional rollercoaster of anger and pity. Compelling, visceral and immediate: an unconditional masterpiece.
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So this November, why not take a risk before the year is out? Perhaps “cast your bread upon the waters”. Because sooner or later there will be a return, and those rewards may be very pleasant indeed. Thank you, as ever, for being my audience, buying, reading and reviewing my work. I wish you happy industry this month as we move towards the close of another productive year. Almost time to celebrate?



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