Marlene Hauser


Geraniums is a fast paced book thick with family drama and tension told from main character Lily’s perspective.

The tone of the book is set from the very beginning as you get glimpses of Emma’s life, Lily’s grandmother, which lends to the reasons she is the way she is. Controlling.

Then you have Jack, Emma’s son and Lily’s father, who is unfortunately under his mothers thumb and easily persuaded by her.

Lily’s mother, Lauren Rose, never stood a chance against Emma and Jack. She was the first victim of their bullying and later abuse by Jack.

Lily is witness to everything and it’s heartbreaking knowing that her and her two siblings grew up in this environment.

This book touches on the dynamics across a family, the dysfunction, abuse, addiction, and survival. And, Lily’s journey into escaping from the toxic element and breaking the cycle. So that Lily can eventually find kindness and love…and follow her dreams.

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