Marlene Hauser


My thoughts ūüí≠…

This is my 2nd book by Marlene, and much like the first, it is a brilliantly plotted, well structured, compelling, and emotionally written story.

Following the main protagonist, Lily, as she navigates life under the dark cloud of mental, physical, and emotional abuse and the coercive control of her father and grandmother and the far-reaching consequences of generational trauma and abuse that affects every aspect of their lives and family dynamic.

Lily’s strength, determination, tenacity, hope, faith, and capacity to still have love and a caring nature for those around her is something to be admired. Her journey to triumphing over extreme adversity is very life-affirming and inspiring.

Marlene delves into some really tough sibject matter. But she does it with tact, honesty, sensitivity, relatability, and believability.

A brilliant read worthy of a place on your tbr.

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