Marlene Hauser


Oxford Literary Festival newspaper article

Marlene Hauser will be Interviewed by Suzi Feay at Oxford Literary Festival

The House on Half Moon Street and Off-Island Sunday, 7 April 2019, 2:00pm | St Cross College |£7 – £12.50 Book Tickets Debut novelists Alex Reeve and Marlene Hauser discuss their writing and their new novels The House on Half Moon Street and Off-Island.  Hauser’s Off-Island is the story of wealthy Krista Bourne and her decision whether to continue with …

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August Message

August to me means real summertime: dog days and a holiday stretch of beach. Most of my summer breaks over the years have been spent on one, even if it was only a lake with a sandy shore rather than the ocean. My mother was a beach person and so in turn her children became beach people.


July Message

Any mention of July to me always conjures up one day in the month in particular: the 4th of July, with its fireworks celebrating America’s Independence Day. Even if I have not lived in the US for close to twenty years and in fact now make my home in England, the country from which the fledgling US Congress in 1776 sought separation at any cost, this particular commemorative date has never lost its significance for me. American Independence was only won after great sacrifice. Not only the US and England paid a hefty price, but France and Spain too paid handsomely. The toll in lives lost is thought to have been proportionally greater than the number lost in the Civil War.

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June Message

To me, June means Father’s Day. FATHER’S DAY writ large, that is. With a bigger- than-life father like mine, who could ever forget it? What do you give a man, a large man, a military man, who definitely does not want socks, ties or golf clubs of any size or description?